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frequently asked questions

Q: How far in advance should I book?

A: The sooner the better! Our dates book quickly, and availability is limited. If we can't accommodate your date, we're happy to give you the name of a trusted colleague.

Q: How do I book?

A: Once we've confirmed our availability for your date, we require a non-refundable deposit & completed contract to secure your sitting.


Q: Do you offer Digital Files / High Resolution Images? 

A: Yes! Digital Files can be purchased with our Wedding Packages and Portrait Sessions. If you choose this option, all edited proofs will be available for online download with a Release.

Q: Do you edit the photos? 

A: Yes, we edit proofs prior to presenting them to our clients! Our proof editing entails adjustments for color, contrast, and exposure. We enhance saturation slightly and make shadow/highlight adjustments based on the given lighting that day. One of the fun, yet challenging, parts of on-location photography is that conditions change constantly (i.e. location, humidity, cloudiness, bright sun, other beach-goers, geography, etc.) and so no sitting is exactly the same. We take all these factors into account while shooting and during the editing process to enhance what is naturally there. Your Online Gallery and Digital Files will consist of proofs.

Retouching is reserved for our Professional Prints. Our retouching includes skin smoothing, stray hair retouching, removing people or debris from the background as well as additional enhancements needed for the best possible print quality. Extensive retouching to Professional Prints is also available for an additional fee. Extensive retouching can include: head-swaps, slimming, glasses tint removal, etc.

Q: What's the difference between your Professional Prints and prints I buy at home or online?

A: Quality!!! We entrust one of the top labs in the country with our Professional Printing Services. They use professional grade paper & ink. The overall quality is superior to consumer labs resulting in beautiful, archival prints that come with our guaruntee. Each Professional Print is carefully retouched prior to sending it to print.


Q: Do you offer destination wedding photography? Will you travel to capture my portraits?

A: Absolutely!!! We've had the pleasure of shooting throughout North Carolina as well as in VA, PA, DC, MD, CA, OK, SC, FL, the USVI, and across Europe. Destination work gives us a huge spark of inspiration and stretches our creativity, so we offer special pricing for weddings and are always happy to travel for portraits! With extensive travel experience, both within the US and abroad, I'm excited to "go the extra mile" for my clients ;)


Q: What time of day is best for photography?

A: We'll make a recommendation based on the best natural lighting for that time of year (usually early morning or evening) and take into consideration personal preferences. For example, if you have a toddler who's an early-bird, shooting in the morning may result in bigger smiles.


Q: What is your cancellation policy? 

A: Unfortunately we end up with one or two cancellations per year. Photography is our full-time career, so the deposit is non-refundable.


Q: What happens if it rains? 

A: We always try to reschedule our portrait sessions if the weather doesn't cooperate. The forecast typically shows a 50% chance of thunderstorms in the summer months, so we diligently watch the weather. We'll be in touch if it looks iffy to discuss a rain plan. We can also do the shoot indoors; you likely have your heart set on beach photos, so we do our very best to make that happen for you!

In the event of a hurricane evacuation or severe weather preventing us from the opportunity to shoot at any point that week, the deposit will be refunded or can be applied to a future sitting. 


Q: Can my pet(s) come along on the shoot? 

A: YES! My pups are in 99% of the photos in my home, and we love incorporating pets when possible. Let us know ahead of time, and we'll pack some puppy treats in the camera bag. 


Q: How many pictures will you take? 

A: Though there are no set #s, for Full Portraits Sessions ~100-150 images, Mini Sessions ~50 images; we average 200 images/hour for our Wedding Coverage. 


Q: Do you have liability insurance? 

A: Yes, our insurance carrier is endorsed by The Professional Photographers of America.


Q: Do you offer discounts? 

A: Due to the demand for our work, we do not offer discounts on our session fees. We provide thorough, professional coverage to all our clients and are priced competitively with professionals of our caliber in the area.




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